PCT Training Curriculum Description

Training Schedule

Curriculum Description

This 2-day training serves as a foundation and philosophical framework for everyone who is involved in supporting people with disabilities. Successful implementation of person centered plans is more likely where staff members have participated in this training.

The training in person centered thinking is recommended for all paid staff including those who are in administrative, management, direct and support roles.

Training in person centered thinking consists of 2 days of exercises where the participants acquire core skills in person centered thinking such as –

Day One: The focus of this day of learning is to provide participants instruction and ample practice in the processes and structures used to develop plans that support choice while addressing issues of health and safety. Through a series of applied stories and guided exercises, participants practice sorting information using the following frameworks:

This day of activities relies on group work and discussion.

Day Two: The focus of this day is to provide instruction regarding key principles of person centered thinking as applied through person centered planning. Participants develop their skills in person centered thinking through a series of guided exercises, done in pairs with a fellow participant. Through directed conversation, listening, sorting information, and writing down what they have learned about their partner, participants practice skills required when developing a person centered ISP. At the end of the day participants have completed their first plan – on themselves.