New book published by Debra Ruh, Ruh Global Communications, CEO

August 15, 2016

Introducing my new book on employment of persons with disabilities from the employer’s perspective.  We explore and highlight stories and quotes from over 30 corporations all over the world.  The book also provides step by step guidance for employers to successfully hire and retain persons with disabilities in their workforce.

Written from the employer’s perspective this book highlights global corporations experience in hiring and employing persons with disabilities.  This book documents for the first time some of the best practices from around the world and how the employment of persons with disabilities benefits corporations.  As such, this book constitutes an excellent resource for all employers, executives, partners or employees interested in understanding the leading role and rationale of corporate commitment to employing persons with disabilities and how its practices are consistent and effectively anticipate global trends in Human Rights and demographic realities.

Ad for Debra Ruh's book Tapping Into Hidden Human Capital

Title: "Tapping Into Hidden Human Capital: How Leading Corporations Leverage Multiple Abilities in Their Workforce"
Author: Debra Ruh, Ruh Global Communications, CEO
Published by: G3ict, the Global Initiative for Inclusive Technologies
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