TBI Spring Follow-Up Training Presentation Guidelines


We look forward to each team’s presentation at this year’s spring follow-up training.  While we encourage you to be creative, we ask that you follow the guidelines below when preparing your presentation.


Please meet with your team and choose one of the three presentation options below:


Present a case study - This presentation should include details of a specific student that your team has worked with, what worked well, what did not work well, things your team learned through the process, resources used, etc.


Present something innovative/creative/unique that your team has done or is currently doing - This presentation should include details on something specific that your team has used or utilized in working with a student, how it worked, what worked well, what did not work well, if your team would recommend this to other teams, etc.


Present on the merge of TBI and Concussion Management teams - This presentation should include details on how your TBI team has merged with your school’s concussion management team and how it’s going to this point.  What has worked well, what has not worked well, etc.


Now that you’ve chosen your presentation option and format, please follow these guidelines:   

Power Point Slide Show





  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube once they are completed so please use any of their guidelines that are necessary
  • Video should be no longer than 5 minutes
  • Upon completion, upload your video to YouTube and email the link to the video to Nicole Rada at ncrada@vcu.edu no later than March 9th


Open Discussion

  • Prepare a one to two-page handout on your presentation
  • Upon completion, email your handout to Nicole Rada at ncrada@vcu.edu no later than March 9th
  • Copies of your handout will prepared by VCU and brought to the training


Additional Information

  •      Presentations should be between 5-8 minutes long
  •      Additional time will be provided for Q &  A following each presentation
  •      Do not rush through your presentation
  •      Provide as much detail as possible so other teams can learn from your experience
  •      Make it fun!


Remember, if for some reason your team is not at a point to present one of the options, please let us know and be prepared to give a team update including as much detail as possible.