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In this module, we cover the initial training that Services Facilitators provide to the EOR. Information is also included on the follow-up training that Services Facilitators provide to EORs on their role as employers.

Time: 40 minutes

Module 3: Part B

Narrated PowerPoint
PowerPoint Script - Text Document

Module 3: Materials:
DMAS Employer of Record Manual
DMAS-99 CB Care Recipient Assessment Report
DMAS-488 CD Individual Comprehensive Training Form
Your Guide to Directing Your Own Supports in Virginia


Please note: Effective September 1, 2016, the names of two of the Medicaid Waivers referenced in the modules changed.

The Intellectual Disability (ID) Waiver is now the Community Living (CL) Waiver.

The Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support (IFDDS or DD) Waiver is now the Family and Individual Supports (FIS) Waiver.

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