Team Member Spotlight of the Month

We love to feature our team members for their quality of work and assets they bring to the Partnership. Check back each month for a new team member spotlight.

Kayla Diggs Brody
Project Manager


Kayla Diggs Brody

What is your role at the Partnership?

Project Manager on projects relating to quality improvement and health related projects.

How long have you been at the Partnership?

I started working at the Partnership in October 2013, almost 10 years!

What does your job entail?

Data management

Developing processes to meet project deliverables

Troubleshooting when these processes do not work

Planning for future projects

What do you like best about your job?

I love the people I work with because everyone is willing to lend support and advice if called upon. I also appreciate the variety in the types of things I am able to work on. I get to be creative, analytical, inventive and social. It’s nice to be able to put on a different “hat” each day.

What is one thing you would like for everyone to know about the Partnership?

Everyone working at the Partnership is committed to improving or enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and their families. We all want to make some kind of impact whether it be directly with someone or on the systems and organizations that support people.

How do you define success?

I would probably split this into personal and project related. Project related success is defined as meeting the goals and objectives of the project and aligning them with the mission and vision of the Partnership. Personally, I would define success as knowing that I’ve done my best or created a product to my personal set of standards, which some say are too high, but that’s probably true for a lot of folks.

What inspires you?

What a tough question! When others don’t up give up because it’s hard. Seeing others determination will always make me want to do better or try harder.

What’s one new thing you learned in the last month?

I learned a really cool function that allows you to merge multiple Excel sheets together based on one common factor.

What are three things that are important to you?

Professionally: working efficiently, collaborating with others and creating a community, developing products that add to the positive reputation at the Partnership

Personally: my family (including my 2 dogs), staying active and staying connected in the Richmond community