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No Wrong Door Virginia is a virtual system and statewide network of shared resources, designed to streamline access to long-term services and supports (LTSS) - connecting older adults, persons living with disabilities, caregivers, and providers across the Commonwealth. The system provides valuable tools to strengthen community networks and promote person-centered practices, as well as increased opportunities for individuals to evaluate their options and make informed decisions.

Options counseling is an interactive decision support process, whereby individuals receive support in making LTSS choices in the context of their unique preferences, strengths, needs, values, and circumstances. Options counseling is provided by individuals trained and practicing according to Virginia's Statewide Standards for Options Counseling and may include care coordinators, transition coordinators, peer counselors, and others. 

The VCU Partnership for People with Disabilities designs and maintains the No Wrong Door Options Counseling training modules and refresher courses, as well as provides support for No Wrong Door expansion across the Commonwealth. 

Major Activities

  • Collaborate with Virginia's No Wrong Door initiative to ensure options counselors access and complete the annual certification process.
  • Design/establish training enhancements and tools for person-centered practices. 

Funding Source


Dawn Machonis