School Nurse Institute Partnership (SNIP)

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Log for the School Nurse Institute Partnership


The School Nurse Institute Partnership (SNIP) is a statewide committee organized n 1998 by a steering committee of representatives from the Partnership for People with Disabilities, and the Virginia Departments of Education (VDOE) and Health (VDH) with an overall goal of enhancing professional development of the registered professional school nurse.

This public/private partnership also includes representatives from university schools of nursing and Virginia Emergency Medical Services for Children and serves as an advisory group to state nursing consultants regarding current issues affecting school health. SNIP is co-chaired by nurses from VDOE, School Health Specialist, VDH, Title V, School Health Services and the Partnership.

Active within the Virginia Association of School Nurses and National Association of School Nurses, SNIP members participate in the Summer Institute for School Nurse (SISN) at Longwood University and are frequent presenters State and National Conferences.

Major Activities

  • Assess the learning needs of school nursing personnel
  • Coordinate the provision of continuing education for school nurses
  • Disseminate information about educational offerings using instructional technology
  • Provide educational activities for unlicensed school personnel
  • Support academic preparation in school nursing
  • SNIP Brochure

Funding Sources

  • Collaboration
  • Past funding for school nurse activities from federal/state sources


Tia Campbell
Email: tia.campbell@doe.virginia.gov
Phone: ‚Äč804-786-8671

Tracy White
Email: twhite9@vcu.edu
Phone: 804-828-0073